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My Old Scooters

I used to belong to several local scooter clubs in the the 1960's

The Epping Forest Rakes, Wanstead Foresters, Newham Druids and the east london lambretta club


A early Epping forest rakes scooter club run to Brighton about 1964 Christine Jackson on her early lambretta b type Me in 1964 on my TV175  I had Hair then!!
Club usually had someone breakdown My first track 225cc special  My ld150 on a club run
a club run with the druids and the foresters vespa club   my Vespa ss90 fitted with a 125cc topend
the lady drivers competition  My Lambretta gt200 Newham Druids Scooter club at our club camp at st lawrence bay
Yes it's a scooter !!  a lambretta kneeler sidecar run by alan green at cadwell park my German built Vespa GS150 My first scooter a Vespa clubman in 1962

More Photo's to follow

Scooter Club Links

Barbarians SC
Basingstoke SC
Basingstoke SC
British Forces Scooter Club
British Forces Scooter Club
Boston Stranglers Scooter Club
Boston Stranglers SC Massachusetts, USA.
Chosen Few Scooter Crew

The funniest Record Reviews ever.  Rarer than rare!

Chosen Few Scooter Crew

Birkenhead Cloud 9
Cloud 9 SC Birkenhead's friendly Scooter Club established 1972, still going after all these years.
Foresters Vespa Club
Foresters Vespa Club
Greyhound SC
Greyhound SC
Lancashire Alliance
Lancashire Alliance
Lincoln Knights SC
The Lincoln Knights SC
Liverpool Scooter Club
Liverpool SC
Malmesbury Popular Front SC
Northern Aces Scooter Club
Northern Aces SC North Wales.
North Wales Nomads SC
North Wales Nomads
Patriots SC
Patriots SC
Peterhead SC
Peterhead SC
Pogue mahone sc
Pogue Mahone SC
Saints Scooter Club
Saints SC
Strangetown SC
Strangetown SC
Shameless SC
Shameless SC

Shed of Shame Scooter Club logo

Shed of Shame SC
Southport Scooter Club
Southport SC
Sydney City SC
Vespa Club of Canada
Vespa Club of Canada
The V.M.S.C. is dedicated to the salvation, preservation and restoration (where necessary) of all motor scooters and offers a service of expert advice and support to anyone with an interest in these machines.
The Vespa Club of Britain (VCB)
Vespa Club of Ireland
  The Vespa Club of the Phillipines
Warrington Scooter Club
Warrington Scooter Club
All Our Yesterdays Norwich's Modernists night out
Vroom by the sea
Scooter Brighton!
Revival Scooters


You can also look at a new modern rally pic site which is at...

Scooterboy World
Scooterists Space
Scooter Diva

A US scootering site .

Scooter film - a scooterists way of life.
The Shed
The Shed mag
  Scootering magazine.
Scooterist Scene Magazine

More Links To Come Soon

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