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My Ham Radio Link s Page ( some of these are old Links but some still work )LINKS TESTED AND ALL WORKING 31/03/2004 Links May Not Work all the time as Sites are being shut down by ISP,s 

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SSTv Software Writer's Home pages...

  • FTV... ... 9H1JS Brian's Home page... Well worth a visit.
  • GSH-PC ... The SAW-Scan from DL4SAW.
  • GSH-PC .... GSH-PC "Saw" Distributor in the UK (34.99).
  • MSCAN ... The Home Page of 'MSCAN' in the Netherlands.
  • PROSKAN ... The Home page of the Proskan Author.
  • Win PIX Pro ... Don's Home page see version 2 ... NOW.
  • WINSKAN ... Jamie's home page shareware v 1.02.


Slow Scan Television Hardware...


Slow Scan Television Links.....

  • E-Mail Address ...WB4EJC's e-mail Address list of SSTV HAMS.
  • G7PBB ....General sstv informatioon.
  • Gene's ... Soundblaster and SSTV Page.
  • Handbook (SSTV). John Langner WB2OSZ, The best place to start.
  • HB9HFX (SSTV). ...A very well presented SSTV home page (worth a visit).
  • HF-FAX ....The home of Radio Facsimile & SSTV, in Hannover.
  • HF-FAX SSTV ... SSTv Pictures form Hannover, Germany.
  • Index ... Index of most SSTV programmes.
  • IVCA ..International Video Communication Association.
  • JASTA ... Japanese Amateur SlowScan Television Association.
  • Jeff's ... Jeff's SSTV illustration page of all programmes.
  • LANGNERS LINKS... John Langners Software links page
  • KB1S ... Bobs home page - Wrentham Mass.
  • KB4YZ ... Dave in Indiana (USA), Local operators and Links.
  • KR7A ... SSTV Station with Great Innovate Graphics.
  • N3MGI & N3 YPQ .... home page with sstv content.
  • NL7J ...Les Buchholz home page, Lots of interest (Great Site).
  • OZ1AT ... Anders home page in Denmark.
  • OZ2LW... ... SSTV links site with Hardware for the HISCAN..
  • Pictures ... The Picture DX Bulletin.
  • Reference ... The 'Amateur Radio Reference' Links to SSTV information pages.
  • Reflector ... Amateur Information Reflector.
  • Sheffield .... SSTV in Sheffield.
  • SM7BUX ... Kenth's sstv site (In English) with lots of European links.
  • Vlaamse ... Vlaamse Radiomateur Bond.
  • VE3RDN .... Amateur Slow Scan TV in Canada.
  • VE3SSV ... Info on SSTV prog's, with details of each system (Robot 1200).
  • VE4TV ... VE4TV Information and Links to 700 other sites.
  • W0TUP ... Nels SSTV Home Page...
  • W2PQC ... W2PQC Very atractive SSTV Information Site.
  • WB4EJC ...WB4EJC Lots of SSTV Information Data and links (Great Site)
  • Win95sstv Spanish. ... Copy of Win95sstv instruction pages in Spanish.






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